Technology Scouting & Open Innovation


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Customers attentions spans are growing shorter. They need variety. Increasing their product portfolio, is a key growth source for most companies. However, developing a new product has it’s own inherent risks. Yet companies still need to come up with new innovations to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer tastes and technology.

Technology Scouting Open Innovation

Crowdsourcing, Analytics & Platforms!

Alan G. Lafley, CEO of Procter & Gamble, an industry leader in technology scouting and open innovation, has often been quoted as saying Half the company’s ideas must come from the outside. So, how does one effectively manage to garner innovation from the outside? 

Technology Scouting Holds a Key

With reduced resources, time and expertise, companies can’t solely rely on internal idea generation. They are increasingly adopting open innovation in their new product development strategy. Businesses are trying out many ways – acquiring companies, getting patents or licenses to produce someone else’s product, and even motivating customers to come up with new ideas!

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There’s Something In Your Eyes


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Sri Sri Ravishankar Aura Meditation

After all this time….. #Always

There’s something in your eyes which tells me I’m for you

There’s something in your eyes which tells me I love you

There’s something in your eyes I believe it’s the truth

There’s something in your eyes which binds me to you

There’s something in your eyes which tells me I’m for you

There’s something in your eyes which tells me I love you.

I dunno what you have with you that keeps me with you

Whatever it is, I’m grateful it’s there

’cause you are the reason that I exist

’cause you love me however I am

Yes, there’s something in your eyes…. 

That’s why “In Arsene We Trust”!


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It’s taken years, but it has finally happened. It’s been long due but 2 consecutive trophies finally happened. Arsenal have added to their trophy cabinet and the true cracks underlying the glamor in the world of football financing and pricing are showing up. I’d in the past predicted a little bit what might happen if we have a stable squad and once the pricing game falls every team will face the consequences! Understandably, everyone (including me) thought we’d have injection of 2 or 3 more players to our squad – to ensure we contend for the Premier League as well as the Champions League – and not be exposed on injuries or dip in forms! Somewhere it has been fulfilled with the injection of a Petr Cech but yet many seem to be disappointed nevertheless!

Gunners Arsenal ChampionsLeague Anderlecht Belgium

Memories & Love – To me this lasts a lifetime!

We’ve done better than the last years but we’re far from what Arsenal is actually capable of producing. The funny part – we’re paying off the debts and are significantly stronger in cash positions than we’ve been in the past, yet some fans are troubled by the lack of transfer activity. Not harsh reality but it’s a sentiment, legends like Henry or existing directors like Lord Harris have publicly shared. Arsene Wenger has certainly been shrewd getting on Petr Cech from Chelsea but we’re really missing another 2 players in my opinion a centre-back and a player in the mid-field. There’s always a healthy debate I share with my cousin and another best friend on the need of a striker :) – but then there’s never an end to it!

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Open Innovation, Internet of Things & Patents


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One of the most exciting changes in the last decade is the rapid change in rate of technology. The world has witnessed Technology come to the forefront and one of course the leader to this pack today undoubtedly is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is particularly interesting because of the impact it is having on certain markets such as – Medical, Wearables, Automotive, and Home-Automation. More surprising is the impact on the B2B Industrial markets. As expected, these frontrunners causing disruptions are playing up the trump card early on – Patented IP. IoT developers & companies both need to understand this patent landscape and tread the line carefully.

Open Innovation Patents IoT Internet of Things

How the connects are going to matter!

Technology is seen at 3 levels in IoT – Devices, Platforms and Applications.

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Building Blocks for Open Innovation


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Open Innovation encourages the creation of constructive knowledge sharing partnerships between partnered organizations. This collaborative approach cannot be constructively implemented without a thorough understanding of the fundamental elements that comprise a successful Open Innovation strategy. We take a look at the basic building blocks of Open Innovation as outlined in this study by the Big Innovation Center.

C&H Duplicator Open Innovation

Building the Blocks!

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