Understanding the Microsoft – LinkedIn Acquisition


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Every now and then I keep an eye open for things that would make even someone averse to technology, sit back, take notice and discuss that topic. This post is a short one on the Microsoft-LinkedIn acquisition. Short not because Jeff Weiner already did his bit and explained to his employees, but because this whopping 26Billion$ this deal has some interesting facets which are still unexplainable.

Microsoft LinkedIn Acquisition Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom – Still to hear that…

The Bad Part – Economics

I don’t want to bring in the Skype or Nokia acquisition. Simply because LinkedIn is an entirely different ballgame. Neither do I want to compare it financially to the Facebook – Whatsapp deal, because Facebook got Whatsapp cheap! Whatsapp had one thing Facebook was missing critically – phone numbers.

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Peace – Progress & Growth


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It’s almost as far back as memory goes, I’ve wanted to blog about spirituality. For some reason I never did. Today millions of people are celebrating Gurudev‘s 60th Birthday and amidst the celebration he will continue smiling, working tirelessly and being there for everyone 100% – reminding us that celebration happens every moment, divinity is within us all and we share because we care.

Sri Sri Birthday Gurudev Divine Bliss

12 Years Ago…..

We’re living in momentous times. Thousands of years have passed by with millions of events – all focussed to bringing us to this very moment. Centuries pass by with people focussing on their own needs, their lives, their little things and suddenly in a short advent of time some souls walk the planet and do something so profound and of tremendous magnitude – that the world is never the same again. We’re lucky – no, fortunate – to be alive in such times. Now is the time to be alive. Now is the time we can either watch it all happen or be part of it, because every breath is an adventure.

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Together Till The End


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SriSri Ganga Meditation Pain Love Together

Look at the world thru the eyes of the Master

A voice from within

So calm so deep

Warning to the smitten

Old boy that would weep.


The story is so old

One wanted it Finished

Pain, Loss & Anguish the other endured

The fool blemished all he cherished.


Lifetimes he gave up

Family, Friends & Care

The selfish did erupt

The boy deserved despair.


Devotion isn’t cheap

Her amusement to keep

Till the end he continued

She owed him too much to delude, to allude.

Understanding IBM Watson


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It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog exclusively on my own site! But then again it’s been a long time time I did anything 🙂 So decided to get up, dust myself clean, no more turning back & I rolled up my sleeves to pen something interesting going on in the world of Technology. It actually is a shame to miss out and not discuss so many wonderful things going on in this world. There’s a lot of talk on Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, etc etc and one company doing the rounds and literally forcing its way into people’s mind (good job Marketing Team) is IBM and the flagship offering of Watson

IBM Watson, AI, Analytics, NLP, Sherlock

It’s elementary my dear …. 😉

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Restless For You


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Sri Sri Ravishankar Switzerland Poem Dream Pain Valentine

The Divine – The True Valentine! The rest….

Khoya khoya rehta hoon mein
Har pal yaadon mein
Sote hue bhi
Jaagta hoon mein
Kyun dil mein machi hulchul
Mann mera chanchal
Teri tasveer meri
Aankhon mein aaj kal
Aankhon mein aaj kal
Pyaar ke yeh vaade
Nibhayenge hum
Sapne tere ab
Dil mein hai base
Leheron ke paar bhi
Ek duniya basi hai
Palko mein bithage
Use paar hum karenge
Use paar karenge
Khoya khoya rehta hoon mein
Har pal yaadon mein
Jaagte hue bhi
Sota hoon mein