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Gurudev Sri Sri Bad Antogast Aura

Between and Beyond Breath

Alone I stood like a witness would,

To watch which side the scales tip would.

Was my life meaningful & worthwhile?

Or I squandered it like a rubbish pile?

Was it useful I was born?

Or left this planet leaving more thorns?


Was I ruthless in my greed to grow?

Did I turn a blind eye to satisfy egos?

Did I break a heart unwillingly?

How many did I hurt unknowingly?

What lasting memory would remain?

Had my mind broken free of all chains?

With my inactions whose wrath did I incur?

Will karma of actions in ignorance linger?


For all the love given and hearts healed,

For all the knowledge received and in wisdom sealed,

For all the responsibility taken and given,

For all the forbearance and dispassion,

For all the smiles and generosity,

For all the sacrifices and integrity,

In my last breath, which side the scales tip would?


I’m not alone or helpless too,

You’re with me in the formless we’ll glue,

I went beyond purpose and meaning when I met you,

All I care is that I have you,

You are my witness, the needle and scale,

I’m ok no matter how things entail!