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Sri Sri Ravishankar, Gurudev, Valentines Day, Love

Make The Divine Your Valentine! Let Love Be, Do Not Give It A Name.

You are my body, you are my breath;

You are my life, you are my death;

You are my world, you are my light;

You are my day, you are my night.

You are my strength & my weakness

You show me ways despite all darkness;

You are my truth & my illusion

You show me both – reality & disillusion;

You are my hunger, my endless thirst

You quench them both, you are my first.

You are my love, my final desire

You’re born so holy, you are my fire;

You make me smile, you make me cry

I have only you, without you life’s dry;

You make me calm, you make me worry

Come back soon- it’s time – please hurry.

You are my question, you are my answer

My tune’s in your hands, I’m just the dancer;

You are the final sum, all my relations together in one

I love you so completely, apart from you there is no-one.