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It’s almost as far back as memory goes, I’ve wanted to blog about spirituality. For some reason I never did. Today millions of people are celebrating Gurudev‘s 60th Birthday and amidst the celebration he will continue smiling, working tirelessly and being there for everyone 100% – reminding us that celebration happens every moment, divinity is within us all and we share because we care.

Sri Sri Birthday Gurudev Divine Bliss

12 Years Ago…..

We’re living in momentous times. Thousands of years have passed by with millions of events – all focussed to bringing us to this very moment. Centuries pass by with people focussing on their own needs, their lives, their little things and suddenly in a short advent of time some souls walk the planet and do something so profound and of tremendous magnitude – that the world is never the same again. We’re lucky – no, fortunate – to be alive in such times. Now is the time to be alive. Now is the time we can either watch it all happen or be part of it, because every breath is an adventure.

The emphasis on peace today is greater than ever. Some people have crossed all boundaries, disregarding the very fundamental they are ‘fighting’ for – then let it be political parties, media houses or those fanatic fundamentalist groups. What some sections of the society is doing today is almost abhorrent. Painting a false image of reality, encouraging wrongdoing, misquoting and sensationalizing incidents, covering up lies, supporting destructive elements and turning a blind eye to those who are systematically dividing people – it sure makes me sad and wonder what propels them to do such acts! If only they gave peace a chance, if only they understood what would uplift humanity, if only they sat across the table with an open mind for a dialogue, if only they actually had an inkling of the repercussions of their actions, if only…. Truth cannot be insulted or hidden for long. Peace is neither debatable nor impossible. Life is a struggle and life is also celebration. Our perception changes once we are calm, once we are patient. Unfortunately, people still engage in mudslinging, in pretending how morally upright and honest they are – not realising the damage they are causing. Hence it is our responsibility to ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear to every leader, reminding them their responsibility is greatest to stop this madness from spreading further and bring peace, justice and hold the honor of the entire world. Unfortunately, there are mischief makers sitting at places of responsibility and power. People who want conflict, war and disturbance. We cannot achieve peace if we don’t set our heart and goals to the same cause.

While we wait, while we hope, Gurudev does what needs to be done and shows us how things get done. Time and again, over the years he has shown the impossible is possible, that he truly is beyond them all. Logically – that which is divine is beyond hope or despair, it’s impossible for the divine to not get what the divine wants – isn’t it? Yet the divine works in mysterious ways. If Jesus wanted, in a snap of a finger he would’ve made everyone enlightened. If Buddha wanted, he could have, in a blink of an eye made everyone happy. If Krishna wanted he very well, between the breath in and out, made the whole world at peace. Instead, one of them got on the cross, another lapped up insults and one of them got involved in a war! Gurudev is showing, that it is humanly possible to do things that seem far fetched and truly divine.

Ego never allows Truth to come forth, but Truth will always win. Truth is that which is beyond time and space. Time and again we have made the same mistakes and in our foolishness touched Truth with Ego. Truth alone stands the test of time. Ego will simply be crushed. You can give the whole world to someone, all the love in every form, and share the secrets of the universe too, but if they are not ready – it will be rejected. They will do what they have decided and by the time they realise their mistake it’s another lifetime gone. And yet, Gurudev has always been so compassionate – he has never forsaken anyone. He simply says “If even I turn away, who will be with them?“. Even now, as he reaches out to the Jihadi’s and outfits such as ISIS, he only goes as a messenger of peace. People eventually exhaust every possibility themselves, The divine is too kind. But if you choose to remain in darkness by closing the doors upon yourself – what can even the sun do?

We are insignificant in this cosmos but yet I have joined Gurudev to take squirrel steps to making this planet a safer and happier place. I’m grateful beyond words to describe what he means to me and how much he takes care of me. It might be too much to think that people will stop their petty quarrels but I do hope more people adopt the path of Peace. It is but inevitable and eventual they will – but I pray it happen consciously. Peace is the only way ahead. It’s progress. It’s growth.

Jai Gurudev