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Lifewanderer, Forsake

Who am I?

He had a steady hand

The only one who’d give me all without asking

She had a will unparalleled

The only one who’d love me unconditionally


Others fought with, with her I fought for

Despite all odds, time showed His true worth

Her little hug, His gurgling laugh

To complete the missing notes


Thru the darkness they call night

People sit amidst stars

What use for me are little lights

When the bright full-moon is mine.


Promises made they’ve forgotten

Words of love to those of anger

What’s left to pray

Tell me Lifewanderer


Shadow may forsake the object

Sunlight may forsake sun

Cold may forsake snow

But forsake you, I never can.

Forsake me, some have

Thankfully- forsake me, Gurudev, you never will.