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Silence Smile Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji Boone

A 1000 words cannot express, what 1 glance can.  A 1000 glances cannot express, what 1 smile can. A 1000 smiles cannot express, what silence can.

What it means to forgive and forget

What it means to love and be loved

What it means to bless and be blessed

I’ve learnt from you again and again.

You smiled, You hugged, You played, You danced

You helped and stayed when nothing advanced.

You reminded me of the breeze that sways

Now love is the ocean not the waves.

Lifetimes of pain is a small price to pay

For this moment, this time, this day.

For now I know, you are on my side

Lifetimes henceforth I’ll get past any tide.