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It seems like just yesterday I wrote, what my friend described, “…. not a blog, but a book …” on Arsenal FC. I wrote the article at a time when Arsenal was to play Bayern Munich and everyone was questioning the squad and Le Professeur after some rather ‘spectacular performances’. 

Mesut Ozil - Arsenal

The talk of the town – Ozil at Arsenal

A year later, interestingly, the Gooners are all set to play the Bavarians tomorrow. They have again managed having some rather ‘spectacular performances’ although they’ve injected some fresh blood in the squad!


I write this blog at a time when the scale tilts in favor of an expected loss to Bayern and for all purposes are third on the table having lost the top spot. I write this blog at a time when Arsenal has been erratic lately. The months of February and March are typically when Arsenal have faltered and have been knocked out of all competitions in the last few seasons. Yet, I believe this is the best chance Arsenal has at winning any trophy. For the first time we didn’t lose a BIG player and the team has good dynamics. For the first time there is an overhaul of managerial changes.

Arsenal have produced some truly magical moments this season, they’ve have a pretty solid defense (of course Man City and Liverpool together are the cause of 50% of the goals conceded) so the question is will they crash out of the Champions League spectacularly? Will the FA cup see a disappointing end? Will the premier league slip out of hands after the fixtures against Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham? 

I don’t hope so, because although we’re slightly short on players in strength and injuries (we could still do with 2 more players – in the defense and upfront), Arsenal are playing confidently and with a stronger will. There’s not much about finances and the board that will make a difference between now and the end of season, so it’s a question about commitment and tactical moves on the field – both of which I have a positive feeling about this team. I dunno if Arsenal beat Bayern but I know it will be a great two legs to watch and I know it will have a deep impact on the performance on the PL and FA cup. Earlier this year I was allowed to ask Arsene Wenger a question on the Emirates Google Hangout. Wenger has kept his word till now.

As I head back to Europe again, I’ve been working behind the scenes with the OVBI team. India is at the cusp of a defining election. Much work has to be done. My personal opinion is that the corrupt and long “serving” incumbent needs some rest – it’s time for change. The amateurs must stop lying, manipulating the public and need to clean their own house with brooms. I hope the public does not, in an emotional wave, gamble the future of India to people who can’t govern a state, with the responsibility of the whole nation. Dynamics and ramification at the international level are far too many. With no economic policy, foreign policy, credibility of negotiations and strong understanding of ‘India’, it would be disastrous if such ‘childish’ folks took charge of the country. Alternative ‘fronts’ are not going to take India front. I see only one remaining option 🙂