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Apart from being online, 2014 has started well 🙂 2013 was a year of many high’s and some lows! It’s quite amazing to see how I began writing about cloud computingbig data, and gamification and moved on to writing a few posts on Oracle and SAP particularly HANA 🙂 Companies like YahooGoogleWorkday and NetSuite continued to capture my interest. In 2014 I thought I will give my views on the future of technological companies and trends! In this blog post we will discuss a little about the convergence of Social Media, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics!

S-M-A-C : Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud!

The question is not about “What’s next for the Cloud / Social Media etc?”. I think we will see a convergence of these ‘pillars’. Why do I say this? Cloud is becoming a platform, a norm, which the enterprise and consumer world will depend upon. A little over a year ago, while I was still studying at the TU Delft we had a group discussion on a rather famous article in the HBR “Does IT Matter” (I would highly recommend you to read the article) – and there was a discussion if “Cloud” would fall in the same category. I believe cloud services will all become “commodities” in a manner of speaking, simply because the entire focus shifts from ‘core technological advancements’ to business. Flexibility to choose different ‘products’ to suit business needs against large investments on IT is the underlying factor. Being a systems integrator is a blessing in disguise if the Capgemini’s and Accenture’s of the world look at integration of different best-of-breeds with unique services. That’s talking IP. So with things moving to the Cloud, what remains is how it affects mobile, social media and big data.

The Big Data Impact

Big data is predominantly courtesy the digitization of data. As a result of Mobile and Cloud, we’re going to see more “Big Data”. But this Big Data is not going to remain for a select few, analytics is going to be BIG – I’d bet my career on analytics and business intelligence (Yellowfin BI is a very interesting company I have followed closely for the last 5 years). Companies like Tableau and TIBCO will continue setting some interesting updates. All kinds of “social data” will be analyzed to ensure personalization but more importantly predictive analytics and data for decision-making will take highest precedence. Big Data will “sit” somewhere on the Cloud and collect more from Mobile. I would hazard a guess that IaaS players will stand to gain in the coming years! Companies already adopting a PaaS strategy will reap benefits in more ways than one.

I would say it boils down to “convergence”. Consolidation is all set for the industry in this area. There are a number of underlying factors we need to focus when it comes to S-M-A-C. Perhaps in my next post I will write a little about that!

For now, as I prepare to celebrate my birthday with my family in India after a fair number of years, I will read some more election news. India is poised for change – a historic and important change. There is a need a decisive leader, and I see only man fit in the given scenario. We need to watch out for the “Hand” holding the “broom”.