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Love moves the world

I asked for light in the darkness of the night
I asked for rain as the sun scorched bright
I asked for life when death was close
I asked for help when the doors looked closed

You’ve given me more, there cannot be complaints
You’ve given me a smile, it’s taken away all pains
You’ve given me people who love me failsafe
You’ve given me you – such a blessing – I feel so safe

It’s long you’ve gone
and I’m waiting for you
Tears well up in my eyes
at the very thought of you
Am I so bad I’m away from you
you are in me, yet I yearn to see you

Come back to me
Come back real soon
I’m waiting for you just once to see you
no need of wants
no wants of need
I’ll trade it all for a glimpse of you
Come back to me
Come back real soon
I’ll trade it all just to be with you.