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I had decided not to write any random posts when I started my blog. I told myself to structure my thoughts, think of relevant things to write on, make a positive impact on people and their mind, not populate the internet with my rants or irrelevant stuff about my life etc etc etc. Although this post is somewhat impulsive and not Technology related, I hope you’ll still find yourself entertained with my little ‘unexpected’ entertainment-related post!

The very first thought that’s come to my mind is Movies, so that’s what this post is about (perhaps cause I just finished watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly). I’m no expert in music or reviewing movies. I listen to almost any type of music (as long as it doesn’t give me a headache or is too loud). I watch movies from different regions/languages (sometimes random/arbid ones) because you might just come across absolutely outstanding cinema. They might not have the usual big star-cast but there are some really talented people in this world – and some of the stories are incredible. I take this as a start for me to write posts on Entertainment (if only sometimes) 🙂 However this time, I’m not going to review a movie or mention any of my favorite movies but instead talk of an experience. Attempt to give a little more visibility and appreciation to some really talented individuals!

Usually when I see something new & different, which is nice / good / interesting I like to appreciate the people who were part of my experience. Right away 4 names pop into my mind so this time I will talk of these 4 people. Emma McGannMonica BuurmeesterNina Deasley and Vidyashankar Srinivasan. Perhaps some strange co-incidence they happen to be friends of mine, but I will help/talk of anyone who is part of my experience 🙂

Emma, Monica, Nina and, let’s call Vidyashankar VS for convenience sake – 4 people from 4 different parts of the world and the 4th is one of my closest and dearest friends I’ve known since I was probably 4 😉

emma mcgann

Preparing for Valentine’s day – Fall Into Me

Some 4 odd months ago I heard Fall Into Me by Emma (shortly after we connected) and it struck a chord with me. It’s just the second song of her I’ve listened to (Fiction being the first)! But it’s so peppy and nice I don’t want to listen to any other song of hers (actually I never end up moving past that song) 🙂 Emma is one of those funny and friendly people you can’t help but appreciate. She’s active on Twitter and dedicated to her work. It’s reflected when you see her get accolades from celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Nancy Sinatra. I hope those of you who like Pop music will enjoy listening to Fall Into Me and let me know which other song of hers I can listen to 🙂


Dynamic Solution – Getting ready for a show

After a fantastic day spent under the sun in Utrecht, Netherlands (otherwise rarely visible :p) with a wonderful friend of mine, an ex-Capgemini colleague who has a band of his own in Bangalore, Vivek and I headed towards Amsterdam to specially check out the Dam-Square. After a while he wanted to listen to some Heavy Metal (not typically something I listen to) so we walked in The Cave, a rather well-known place for those who prefer this kind of Music! That’s when I got to meet a wonderful set of people and their team-lead Monica. She’s been working hard with the band and after a set of songs, loads of photographs with everyone, we decided to head back home. Dynamic Solution continues having lots of shows across Netherlands and Monica is always kind enough to invite me. Considering they have had continued success, if any Heavy Metal fans are headed this direction you know the contacts 🙂

Nina Deasley

A scene from the Australian movie – Little Sparrows

Little Sparrows – It is a different type of film. It tells the story from the eyes of a mother and her children, each being able to communicate their stories via monologues, documentary style. This is a nice review I found of Little Sparrows. Nina has done a very nice job! She told me what the “Mother” had done for the movie – The last scene of the movie was for real. I won’t spoil it for you now. Watch the terrific display and absolute commitment shown by Nicola; while enjoy the ever graceful Nina. Nina is working a couple of new projects and I’m sure she’ll do well. For those in Australia – you should start a little fan club 🙂

Vidya Shankar Srinivasan

Recording some instrumental music

Last, but not the least, Vidyashankar. Now you might wonder “what is a MBA-grad working as a Manager in one of the large enterprises in India doing in this list of Music and Movies?” VS makes music every now and then 🙂 He’s been passionate about  it (Instrumental in particular) and really works for it! That commitment saw him and his team make music for the ITC Group of Hotels. Hopefully you enjoy what you hear and who knows, with some help maybe someday he can manage his own music studio 😉

As I end this post, 4 amazing people come to mind to write about – Nandana Sen, Tomas AranaGianluca Grignani and Valentina Cervi. Perhaps sometime later I’ll write on these ‘long time celebrities’ 😉 Won’t forget celebrating my 13th b’day with the 4 of them on the sets of “Branchie”. Nandana Didi and Tomas have been like family to me – still in touch and ever so special 🙂

It’s interesting to write and post this as a surprise 😀 Hopefully I don’t have to “face the music” 😉 And since this is such an unexpected and impulsive post – I wonder how often I will do this!

But to end I will say, stretching sound is music and with certain types of music – complete transformation happens!