Mum and Dad

So finally I take the plunge!
For many years now I have been….. well, lets find a suitable word to showcase ‘laziness’ and ‘hesitating’ in better light….. ummmmm – contemplating. Yes, contemplating sounds good.
I had been contemplating on starting a blog. But as it happened, I just never got to it. So I must thank a few people who didn’t give up on me, encouraged me and made me think of writing down my thoughts and sharing it with a larger audience in the society. I know I am missing out on a long list of names, but I am sure I will be forgiven 🙂
Balt Leenman – For being an amazing friend and a fantastic colleague. One of the biggest influences for me to start blogging.
My brother-in-law, Siddhartha Rai – For letting me know how I could contribute by blogging.
One of closest friend (married to one of my other closest friend 🙂 ) Shruti Bharat – For starting her own venture and sending me posts every now and then.
My sister, Shwetal Rai – To choose WordPress.com and get going with the blog!
The social media advocate from Capgemini, Rick Mans – For telling me “Get past reading the advice and just write”
To my Facebook friends & Twitter followers who make me laugh and think about what they’ve written. To innumerable number of people whose articles I read.And last but not the least – His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar – For being such an inspiration, for his vision of “a violence-free, stress-free society” and making me embark on the journey from the head to the heart.
Over the years I have been working on understanding each social media platform I use and the ‘buzz words’ in the technological space. And over half a decade later the one thing I have realized is that I know so little! Things are changing so fast! But the fundamentals keep you grounded.

As my Twitter profile states –
Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast, Ex-Capgemini, Arsenal, Traveler. Write Poems, Love Nature & Meeting people. Facilitator & Volunteer at the Art of Living.

I love reading books, watching movies & funny videos (once upon a time I used to play a LOT of pranks), photography, interested in current affairs and celebrating life!

Most of posts will revolve around these topics. I hope this blog will be informative as well as entertaining 🙂

As we prepare to step into 2013, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May ‘most’ of your dreams and wishes come true. May good health, luck, wisdom and joy surround your life. May many more people benefit with your presence in this world and you become aware of your breath!