Big Data – Banking and Financial Services


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After a short break back home in Bangalore, it was time to get back to the world of technology and this time in a new country and city! While I was tempted to pen my thought on the SAP HANA Cloud Strategy the last few weeks saw me present my ideas to my new colleagues Max Richard, Toon D’Hollander, and my bosses – Rocky WoestenborghsJean-Pierre Nelissen and Thomas De Wulf on the topic that is Big Data ;)

Of course, my discussions on the content and context was rather specific to ING which I will leave out for obvious reasons but I thought of taking a broader outlook of the impact Big Data specific to the banking and the financial services world ! I read this article on What Makes big Data Projects Succeed and it got me thinking what is the mode of functioning in the bank for Big Data?

Big Data Banking

Inception – Big Data and Dreams!

Data analytics have completely reshaped the enterprise data management and even more so in the financial world. So I thought among all banking institutions and their structures, these are some possibilities of “How to use Big Data in banks“:

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Banking Infrastructure – Cloud, Retail and Legacy


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Every now and then I am lucky to get into meaningful technological discussions with people older, wiser and more important than me. Last week was no different! This time, the discussion began with infrastructure of the city and somehow ended up about infrastructure in the enterprise world! This blog post discusses in brief how retail banking, analytics, cloud and legacy systems are each impacting infrastructure and in the end what might be a good way to start making changes!

The aim is not to write ‘explaining infrastructure’ but a little about the future possibilities! Infrastructure, in this blog post, includes hardware and software. Basically anything that allows information to flow/processed between systems.

While we wondered how infrastructure would be used, our discussion was predominantly focused on the financial services domain! The question was not just how much of the IT should be in-sourced vs. out-sourced, but how should infrastructure be managed?

Cloud Banking Infrastructure

“Banking” on Infrastructure – Mission Impossible

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Still – In Arsene We Trust


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It seems like just yesterday I wrote, what my friend described, “…. not a blog, but a book …” on Arsenal FC. I wrote the article at a time when Arsenal was to play Bayern Munich and everyone was questioning the squad and Le Professeur after some rather ‘spectacular performances’. 

Mesut Ozil - Arsenal

The talk of the town – Ozil at Arsenal

A year later, interestingly, the Gooners are all set to play the Bavarians tomorrow. They have again managed having some rather ‘spectacular performances’ although they’ve injected some fresh blood in the squad!

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The Convergence of Social Media, Mobility, Cloud & Analytics


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Apart from being online, 2014 has started well :) 2013 was a year of many high’s and some lows! It’s quite amazing to see how I began writing about cloud computingbig data, and gamification and moved on to writing a few posts on Oracle and SAP particularly HANA :) Companies like YahooGoogleWorkday and NetSuite continued to capture my interest. In 2014 I thought I will give my views on the future of technological companies and trends! In this blog post we will discuss a little about the convergence of Social Media, Mobility, Cloud and Analytics!

S-M-A-C : Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud!

The question is not about “What’s next for the Cloud / Social Media etc?”. I think we will see a convergence of these ‘pillars’. Why do I say this? Cloud is becoming a platform, a norm, which the enterprise and consumer world will depend upon. A little over a year ago, while I was still studying at the TU Delft we had a group discussion on a rather famous article in the HBR “Does IT Matter” (I would highly recommend you to read the article)  Continue reading


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