Understanding The Impact of SMAC & Innovation


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“It would be a terrific innovation if you could get your mind to stretch a little further than the next wisecrack”

- Katharine Hepburn, Academy Award winning American actress

In the last blog, we introduced some of the terminology used in innovation. In this post we discuss examples of innovation in the two types of companies – product companies and services-based companies. Interestingly we notice, the former is easily getting into the space of the latter, but not vice versa!

If you study Google for instance, they approach Innovation by –

1) Developing products at “Scale” (more than 1).

2) Doing things that amazes people, make them go ‘wow’. Going the “Radical innovation” way.

3) Systemize by using a portfolio approach. Making various groups innovate independent of each other and changing organization structure. You will notice Google is not simply/randomly developing products. There is a careful portfolio approach that drives a product or a service offering to use the other.

Google Innovation Job Design

Innovative enough for the job application?!

If you study companies like Capgemini and Accenture, Innovation show typically the characteristics of -

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An Introduction to Innovation – Types, Categories and Design


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“Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not”.

- Isaac Asimov, Professor & Science Fiction Author

For long innovation has captivated the minds of many. No difference with me. So I thought why not blog about innovation? Why not give a brief overview if possible? Anyway, I had specialised in innovation and entrepreneurship while at TU Delft :) This blog is unlike what I usually post, but hope it’s useful and we understand innovation in a somewhat different way!

I’ll start with Schumpeter’s definition of “Innovation”. Innovation is characterized by new (re)combinations of products, processes, services, markets & organizations. I like this definition particularly because Schumpeter looks at Innovation holistically. I won’t go into definitions henceforth but summarize and give an overview of classical literature in 2 lines and add a third, albeit my vision is part of this third statement. I won’t be audacious or foolish to claim this covers all of innovation and their terms (because they do not), but I would be fair in saying the broadest range is covered below.

Pixar Innovation Design

Innovation grows and can actually be designed!

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Customer Centricity, CMO and Big Data


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In the last post we showcased the changing role and importance of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). The gaining dominance of IT, and how new trends, namely – Big Data (not discounting Mobile or Social) are impacting business dramatically. While I deliberately didn’t outline the strategy itself, the outcomes the strategy in the areas of Product Analytics , Customer Analytics and Macro Analytics were discussed. Also the market/ecosystem conditions that lead to making the strategy (digitization, device and spatial independence, security and integration) were highlighted.

Analytics, Marketing, CMO, Dilbert

Analytics & Marketing – From luck to precision!

But how does this fit in with a CMO? How will Customer Centricity be reached?

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Big Data and the Banking CMO


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While I continued my roles and responsibilities of managing a portfolio of projects on the New Application Capabilities within the ITS department of ING Belgium, my love for Big Data and Cloud Computing was too much to let it take a backseat! The role of Privacy and Big Data is a hot topic of discussion and even ING was inadvertently forced to play in parley here. Nevertheless, with more announcements from Oracle and Adobe, for instance, on the Marketing Cloud I thought of highlighting the importance of leveraging Big Data by the CMO, given how we will have the convergence of Social Media, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Mobile!


CMO & Big Data – Not as Abstract as this painting from Mari Pack

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